Head up Bracelet


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A unique bracelet with a square charm with a small flower and the quote: Head up & no regrets.

Image of The Snake Bracelet  - Green
Sold out
The Snake Bracelet - Green
Image of The Passion Bangle
The Passion Bangle
Image of The Anchor Woven Bracelet
The Anchor Woven Bracelet
Image of The Unicorn Bracelet
The Unicorn Bracelet
Image of The Sailor Bracelet
The Sailor Bracelet
Image of The Happy Bangle
The Happy Bangle
Image of The Feather  Bangle
The Feather Bangle
Image of Choose To Shine
Choose To Shine
Image of The Leaf Bracelet - Rose Gold, Gold
The Leaf Bracelet - Rose Gold, Gold
Image of The Bow Bracelet
The Bow Bracelet
Image of The Elephant Charm
The Elephant Charm
Image of The Star Bracelet
The Star Bracelet
Image of The Coin Bracelet
The Coin Bracelet
Image of Love Bracelet
Love Bracelet
Image of The Heartbeat bracelet
The Heartbeat bracelet
Image of The Holy Charmed Bracelet
The Holy Charmed Bracelet
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